Firetruck Red


Hello i trust your week has been superb. If not no need to worry-better days ahead. On my first post i’ll talk about one of my best experiences from 2015.
Started out as a typical Saturday morning. All that run  across my mind was that i had a photoshoot. No spoilers but it  was February 14th… now you where the bold tittle was derived . I left the house at around 12:30 noon which gave me ample time to head to the venue.
We ( the crew) had no idea it would rain. I had to stay with an undone brow. Why you ask? Just as steve was getting down to threading the other brow we had to run for shelter. Once he got down to the palettes none was disappointed. Makeup never looked and felt  good, well atleast on me😂
The dresses looked dashing in the stricking red plus kikoi detail. S/o to all the designers who come up with ravishing pieces.
Lights, camera and strike a pose.
I dont know what stood out for you in the past year but i would love to hear. Feel free to share and give your feedback in the comments section. Let’s journey together..
   Lots and lots of love.

Red silhouette dresses – Ruth Yole
Black stilettos-own
Makeup artist – Stephen Njoroge (makeup warehouse_ea)
📷 cc. – @Japheth mieti & @karuti Third-eye photography





miss vee


Author: missvee1

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48 thoughts on “Firetruck Red”

  1. OMG!!! VEE!! You look so beautiful I didn’t recognize you at first… You hot!😘😍… And paried with the a simple yet captivating article… You killed it! 🙌


    1. Thank you for taking your time to check out the post. Yes they are Super lovely…plus flattering for different body types… Nekesa you can contact @ruth yole on Instagram to enquire about more of her work


  2. heeeey darl you look stunning!!plus I totally love the blog post its superb …I’m proud of you swee looking forward to more:-*


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