Top Notch


This takes me back to my childhood days, not so long ago. That feeling  i would get once i discovered the solution to a sum that made my head hurt at the beginning,winning a basketball match to a mean machine team or scoring good grades at the end of a busy school term.
It’s about having that feel good moment, a cloud nine. Makes me want to pull a Shakespeare’s line… “to be or not to be?” Be bold, be courages. I can’t say that it takes nothing, that would be such a humongous lie ( if i did you probably  come looking  for me with a not so pleasant facial expression- my imagination is out of this world)


There are a million times when throwing in the towel seems fair enough. Oh, what the heck! “Probably this is not meant for me”, then whose is it for?
The whole point is go for what the mind and heart seem to agree on. Once you acquire it, don’t be afraid to dance to  the will-i-am feeling myself song and close with a glass of champagne. Look at you! With that lit face… Perfect.
I chose a simple yet classy look, nice for a cloudy day. You can rock this when going to meet up with your girls or an evening brunch. No, the train didn’t leave me, i decided to walk. (giggles)

Grey knit sweater – Thika town
Lime green pencil skirt- street vendor
Brass dangling earrings – ksh200 mustard yellow clutch- ksh 500 both from Maureen (+254 721354298)
Photography @vinceoyolo






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