Good morning? (Depending on the time you’re reading this). Waking up to the smell of rain and a beautiful sunrise. Nothing beats that. I get chills when my eyes stumble upon that beauty.
This week i made a bold move and decided to step out into the unknown.Ofcourse I’ll fill you in;deciding to take the blogging quite seriously(not that i didn’t, just on another level). To be honest this is fun when it comes to pouring out my thoughts and getting to share them. You may be familiar with a this particular drawing of a circle. Its tiny with an infinate space around it.
The smaller circle is your normal or usual comfort zone while the space is not comfortable but where life begins.


That feeling  i get in my belly once i decide to move into that wide space is no joke. Thanking God for that bold outlook on life. I read something from Robin sharma’s
book Discover your destiny with the monk who sold his Ferrari that set me on balance.

A boat that never ventures beyond its moorings will never be damaged, but that’s not what boats are made for. Similarly, a human being who never dares to walk out into the unknown spaces of his/her life will never get hurt-but that’s not what human beings were designed for.

It’s exactly what everyone needs to know. Can’t beat that, can you? I took on a casual, laid back kind of swag for facing my butterflies. The wind was just perfect accompanied with a floral print scarf that blew in motion . We were going for a modern day but a classic Marylin Monroe appearance. Sneakers and a skater skirt bring out the girly look and also says ‘bring it on.’
Have you taken time to feel the breeze on your skin, the sound of birds chirping or peaceful silence? You should, tranquillity at it’s best. Details
Neckpiece – kazuri beadworks, karen.
Vest, skater skirt,studds and sneakers – archives.
Scarf-toi market.
Bracelet – gift.






miss vee


Author: missvee1

Fun. Loving. Creative😄

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