Vintage vogue


Happy belated valentines🌹.Keeping in mind it was just yesterday,days fly!

Earlier in the week i was engrossed in Richard Branson’s book screw it, lets do it. Read the unedited version but found it short and precise. I am amazed at how an individual can live such an unorthodox life and still acquire the most out of it. He dropped off school at 16 years to go take on his magazine and run it pro. Now, this is something you don’t hear of everyday. His life is so contradictory to what the everday kid has grown up to believe. It is good and assuring (not 100%) to know that there isn’t a manual on how to go about life. One can do their own thing and get it right . Make it a plan to read it you’ll learn a thing or two.

I got off to a busy start knowing that i haven’t posted for a fortnight. It was mind boggling  trying to find the venue for the shoot. We finally found a place that oozed classic. I am a sucker for vintage themes and know that detail is everything. When i was 6 years my mom used to sow pretty floral dresses that would leave me in awe,ever since I’ve been recreating similar scenarios in my head. Since there was a chance to bring it to life, i thought “why not?”
We got an array of vintage cars to work with. Two black Volkswagen beetles ,one immobile the other functional and a cream one to accompany them. My kind of style, believe me when I say it was a field day. Felix the comedian was part of the team. All with the aim making the most of a cloudy day after a slight down pour. Pure bliss.

What are some of the things that you reminisce? Does it leave you with that wide smile? Do tell, would appreciate your response and reply in the comments section. Thank you for your feed on the January posts. Get to interact more of me on my social media handles: Instagram – vee.wanjiku, twitter – wanjiku.vee, snapchat-vee_wanjiku and Facebook- virginia wanjiku
Black and cream dress top(shear with frills)
Purple lipstick
Brown timberland blocked boots

Photography credits @vinceoyolo (Instagram)      







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