Ballerina in a dress


My week has been quite interesting,started off on a totally new slate. A friend of mine dealing in cosmetics got me a complete kit of makeup brushes. All this was after blubbering to him how seven brushes is a tad much for makeup application. However , I’ll be using them just give a couple of weeks and you will see my expertise.

I was trying to keep today’s post as simple as possible and it hit me. Down memory lane…there was a meeting i attended in parklands. The topic was “would you rather cry in a Range Rover or smile on a bicycle”. Quite a topic, the conversation juggled between prosperity and individual genuineness.
As for missvee here, I’m sure you cant wait to hear what i had to say but Lets switch it up.
I’ve always wanted to learn how to ride a bike, my attempts proved futile. Its the scars i would end up with that made the process more disheartening.
I peddle the tricyle at the gym but not a bicycle. Haven’t given it a shot in a long time.
Don’t know what you would go for but hope it will make you happy.
My turn to contribute on the topic came, i said that I’d rather learn how to ride a bike before driving a range. The Range can come, tears of joy won’t hurt this soul.
I chose a warm sweater, straight floral lace dress and ballerina shoes. I bought the sweater only cause of its vintage buttons. Who does that? Well, i do.
Photo credit @vinceoyolo (Instagram)
Love and love.





miss vee


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