Leather bowties


Hello my wonderful readers. I trust that the silence wasn’t deafening. A four month break was exactly what I needed. Cheers to great comebacks and undefeated soul. Yes, it takes guts to run a blog. My long break consisted of self reconstruction and by that I don’t mean botox. Oh my lawd, no! Just had to be precise, hit that nail on the head. I have learnt a lot through my break and most of it you’ll know as the days go by.
My reading culture has improved going from book hunting in Nairobi streets to online scouting. Currently reading The Beach House by Jane Green. For sure I’m finding it hard to put that book down. It’s official ,I plead guilty to crimes of endless book scrutiny call me an ‘ultimate bookie.’
A week ago, Faith(a great friend of mine) and I went shopping and came across a dress that caught my eye. The dress had a leather waistline with sweetheart bust, waistline and adorable bowtie at the front. Tried it on and vuala!💁 The fit was perfect.I ended up taking it home with me. Sigh.#ootd



For all those who missed me.. You’re girl is back💋 and I’m here to stay. Would be delighted to hear what styles I should incorporate and any feedback you have.
Love and love.


P.s There is freedom in writing or literally work. Subjects of authors get to live  for decades.
*point to ponder

Red Doll shoes – shoe retailer(common in Nairobi town)
Grey and black suade dress with leather waistline – thrift
Black wrist watch – a stall in the CBD
Lipstick – Iman shade No. 3
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Author: missvee1

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