Chilled Romper


Details ya’ll? Let me start off by saying, I long for summer so I can pull off today’s look again . The weather at the moment is very restricting. obsessed with rompers and have no particular reason.
Been busy surfing the Internet for puns, my week has been full of sarcasm and giggles.


  • Here are a few examples, I just had to share:

  Pun fun(see what I did there, rhyming my friend)
1.Dear couples who fight in public, stop trying to whisper and would it kill you to include a back story?
2 . love is telling someone to go to hell and wondering if they will get there safely.
3. The only thing more important than your happiness is mine so get on it!
4.The first step to forgiveness is realising the other person was born an idiot.
5. Never laugh at your boyfriends choices…. You’re one of them.
LOL, I’ll stop here for obvious reasons such  as I’m not looking for a job as a comedian and that my ribs hurt already. 😂I can’t.


Check out the golden bougie ,just the way I like it.


Out of curiosity, what summer outfits do you think is a must have?
Love and love.




Cream full sleeve romper- Thrift
Sunglasses -own
Sandles-Nairobi town @ksh 500
Brass earrings- Maureen’s (check out Top Notch)


Author: missvee1

Fun. Loving. Creative😄

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